UNFAIR23 Over 60 solo-presentations in one historic venue. A unique opportunity to buy works directly from the artist.

Opening hours

16/11 Thursday  (opening)

17:00 – 21:00

17/11 Friday

11:00 – 18:00

18/11 Saturday

11:00 – 21:00

19/11 Sunday

11:00 – 17:00

Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam

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Unfair Amsterdam - Unnamed2
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Unfair Amsterdam - Unfair_zaterdag_2022_fotograaf almicheal fraay-27
Unfair Amsterdam - Unfair_zaterdag_2022_fotograaf almicheal fraay-22
Unfair Amsterdam - Donderdag_unfair_opening_vips_2022_fotograaf almicheal fraay-92
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Unfair Amsterdam - Hagar+simon


⁠Our Unfair Game of Interview Roulette brings you behind the scenes of UNFAIR23, as we uncover the inspiration, the process, and the untold stories behind the artists’ fascinating creations.

Let’s hear it out for: #24 Simon Keizer & Hagar Schuringa

Unfair Amsterdam - Editions_inezdebrauw_21daisystreet_1


What can we wake you up for in the middle of the night? For us, it’s a lovely work of art! So we’ve set your alarm for the launch of our fresh editions like:

 ’21 Daisy Street’ by Inez de Brauw

Unfair Amsterdam - U23-std


It’s still a long way ahead and we’ll share an exciting programme in the near future, but for now save the date and mark your calendar for 16-19 Nov at Gashouder, Cultuurpark Westergas.

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With the no nonsense promise of direct commission and talent development, we proudly present the winning proposal selected by our expert jury.

Read all about it

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We are super proud to announce the line-up for UNFAIR23 – are biggest edition yet – starring a staggering group of 60 emerging and renown artists.

Read all about it right below


Last year we launched the Artist Fund, a circular monetary fund that supports artists in the development of their presentation at our fair. We are proud to be the first (and probably only) art fair to pay participants.

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The biggest edition as of yet

UNFAIR23 is a jubilee edition, celebrating 10 years since our first event. This year Unfair will be hosting over 60 artists, and will focus specifically on artists who graduated in challenging times. Whether it’s the banking crisis after 2008 or the recent corona crisis; this year we celebrate artists and their persistence, resilience and imagination.

Unfair Amsterdam - Header-artistswide Unfair Amsterdam - Artists

Kenneth Aidoo
Danit Ariel
Andrea Asili
Gegee Ayurzana
Siomara van Bochove
Vincent de Boer
Eugenie Boon
Inez de Brauw
Gilles de Brock
Elsemarijn Bruys
Yair Callender
Jinbin Chen Tianyi
Maikel Deekman
Kaspar Dejong
Ricardo van Eyk
Tina Farifteh
Daan Gielis
Adara Godschalk
Lieve Hakkers
Kexin Hao
Clémence Lollia Hilaire
Pien Kars
Simon Keizer
Tara-Eva Kuijpers Wentink
Teun Krosenbrink
Michal Kruger
LI Yuchen
Emmie Liebregts
Fiona Lutjenshuis
Ahmad Mallah
Inge Meijer
Anni Mertens
Narges Mohammadi
Ruben Mols
Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé
Bonnie Ogilvie
Bodil Ouédraogo
Satijn Panyigay
Anna Phaidra
Paola Quiñónez Rees
Ruben Raven
Thom van Rijckevorsel
Thomas van Rijs
Hugo Rocci
Dion Rosina
Lola Safari
Hagar Schuringa
Igor Schiller
Lou-Lou van Staaveren
Stephen Tayo
Hedy Tjin
Morgan Ton
Tom van Veen
Alice West
Lotte Wieringa
Mickey Yang
Ellen Yiu
Iris van der Zee
Zindzi Zwietering

Unfair Amsterdam - Roundedge_transp Unfair Amsterdam - Roundedge-mob
Unfair Amsterdam - Ucpp_titel

Press play and listen to the songs currently playing at our artist’s studios

Curated art fair

Every year a Curatorial Advisory Committee is installed to propose a long list of artists who are in the formative years of their practice. From this longlist a carefully composed shortlist is curated by Unfair that reflects current cultural developments, with a wide arrange of practices, background and stages of development.

This years Curatorial Advisory Committee

Unfair Amsterdam - Portret femmy otten - foto lisa van wieringen.

Femmy Otten (artist and tutor)

Unfair Amsterdam - Portret lee stuart

Lee Stuart (brand manager at Patta)

Unfair Amsterdam - Portret yuki kho - foto rolf rosing

Yuki Kho (cultural journalist and moderator)

Unfair Amsterdam - Portret rita ouedraogo

Rita Ouédraogo (curator at Buro Stedelijk, writer and researcher)

Unfair Amsterdam - Ing comms 13 11

Caroline Vos (head curator of the ING Collection)

Unfair Amsterdam - Portret-unfair

Peter van der Es, Bas Koopmans and Adam Nillissen (partners Unfair)

Unfair Amsterdam - Roundedge_transp Unfair Amsterdam - Roundedge-mob

Who decided art fairs should all look the same?

Away with the traditional square booth designs, we set out to find a new fair design for every Unfair edition with our Architect Award. Besides catering the many programs and artists we host, the winning design gets to shine on three consecutive editions of Unfair, in varying compositions. With this, we want to develop a more sustainable design, while still guaranteeing a unique experience for visitors and artists on each edition.

Unfair Amsterdam - Arch_award_fafu
Unfair Amsterdam - Header-shortlist

Justin Errami & Jonas Stappers
Studio ACTE
Studio Pallesh
Studio Verter

Read more on the award and this years shortlisted architects working on a unique design for UNFAIR23

Traditionally, Unfair will be held at the Gashouder in Amsterdam. This large industrial hall is known as the heart of the old gas factory that the Westergasfabriek once was. The former storage gas tank, with a surface area of 2500 m2 and the impressive height of 14.5 meters, was built in 1902 and designed by architect Isaac Gosschalk. The historic industrial site has been converted into a lively cultural village in the early 2000’s. Surrounded by green parks, the former industrial buildings house 16 special food & drink destinations and serve as a meeting point for culture in all its shapes and sizes.

Unfair Amsterdam - Donderdag_unfair_opening_vips_2022_fotograaf almicheal fraay-86
Unfair Amsterdam - Editions_header-mate

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