Experience art fairs in a new way: Unfair connects you directly to contemporary artists, their stories and creations

Unfair, an artist-led art fair, was founded in 2012 by three artists who wanted to improve the cultural infrastructure in the Netherlands. We have been dedicated to promoting emerging contemporary artists for over a decade, working with over 250 artists in more than 30 events. Our collaborations with these artists form the backbone of our platform, which aims to create connections, curate and promote the next generation of leading artists. By putting the artist first, we strive to create a fair art community where people can discover and buy art directly from the maker. We have received praise from artists, cultural professionals, collectors, curators, and writers for our approach, which is based on collaboration rather than competition.

UNFAIR23 is a jubilee edition, celebrating our 10 year anniversary since our first event. This year our event will be bigger, hosting over 60 artists, and will focus specifically artists who graduated in challenging times. It celebrates the resilience of artists, who are often at the forefront of major social change. They know how to build up their practices, to put leading works of art in the world, often on their own and against the tide. Whether it’s the banking crisis after 2008 or the recent corona crisis; this year we celebrate artists and their persistence, resilience and imagination. So that we may look back in 10 years and see that the youngest generation of makers have left their mark on the times.

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Unfair is the ultimate destination for contemporary art lovers. We bring together a diverse range of emerging artists, chosen by our expert Curatorial Advisory Committees, to showcase their latest works in solo presentations. With over 60 artists on display, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in contemporary art in the Netherlands.

We are a curated event, which means it is not possible to submit your work for review for participation at Unfair. We are open for inspiration however, drop us a line at inspiration@unfair.nl.

Every edition, a Curatorial Advisory Committee is installed to propose a long list of artists who they think could benefit from participation. They select emerging and renown artists who have caught their attention and who are in the formative years of their practice. From all the proposals of the Curatorial Advisory Committee, Unfair curates a shortlist. Together, every group is carefully composed and reflects current cultural developments, with a wide arrange of practices, background, media and stages of development, with national and international impact.

Discover online; Interview Roulette | Profiles | Temporary Museum

Connect and collect

We’re not just about showcasing art – we’re all about connecting you with the artists behind it. Our approach is playful, off-the-beaten-path, and always genuine. We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, whether you’re an artist, a casual visitor, or a seasoned collector.

Get to know our artists personally at our fair, or browse our Profiles for inspiration year long. If you happen to find that one work that ticks all your boxes, please drop us an email at connect@unfair.nl.

We offer full service sales support and can offer payments in terms via the Kunstkoop arrangement.

Or, if you are looking for a fairly priced work in edition, browse our Editions selection online. Every first Monday of the month at 12am sharp, we launch a new edition in collaboration with a leading young artist online. Stay informed here.

Connect and collect online; Profiles | Collection | Editions

Take care

The artist for our backbone, the very foundation of a healthy art market. We support our makers not only by helping them present their practice, but also work to support them collectively in the development of their work. Our revolving fund, the Artist Fund, enables artists to invest in their presentation at Unfair and support future generations of artists doing the same. We’re bridging the gap between institutions and the market, helping artists to develop their careers, present their work, and sell it – all in a fair and sustainable way.

This year, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary! We’re inviting a specially curated group of artists that have started their careers in times of hardship, focusing on their unique and inspiring drive to succeed. And what better place to host this celebration than the monumental Gashouder venue, in the green heart of Amsterdam.

Take care online; The Artist Fund | DGCNC |  Collection 

UNFAIR23 is project by the Unfair Amsterdam Foundation.

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