Adara Godschalk was introduced to the value of diversity at birth. Searching for identities in various corners of the world, she discovered the comforting yet confronting magnitude of our reality. To Godschalk, playing with the world around us is vital in fostering new perspectives on looking, thinking, and behaving. She believes that chaos and uncertainty are essential for growth and transformation. Fearless and imaginative, Godschalk's work embodies the freedom of movement. With an obsession for color and a fascination for time, she embarks on a surrealistic journey that transcends mirroring life and instead transforms it. Through the exploration of different ways of surviving in an age of technology, modification, and acceleration, her practice rethinks the history of the future and reflects the challenges of our time.

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Unfair - Adara_godschalk_expo2021_gomperts 2

Adara Godschalk

Exhibition shot

Unfair - Adara_godschalk_untitled_2023_adaragodschalk

Adara Godschalk
Untitled (2023)
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Adara Godschalk (1998) is a Curacao-born artist currently living in Rotterdam. In 2021, she received her BA in Fine Art from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She was nominated for the Buning Brongers and Sluijters prize in 2022, and Ron Mandos, Best of Graduates in 2021. Godschalk's work was acquired by the collections of Hogeschool Rotterdam and Jeroen Chabot. She has exhibited in venues such as KunstRAI, Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Kunsthal Rotterdam, and others. 

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