Alice West’s paintings capture the essence of her subjects – their hopes, fears, joys, and struggles. The artist sees portraiture as a medium able to encompass the beauty and complexities of the human experience, and offer a sense of connection and understanding to the viewers.
In her works, West incorporates visual patterns as a way to add layers of meaning and symbolism, inviting the audience to delve deeper into the narrative of each piece. By weaving together elements of portraiture, visual patterns, storytelling, and humor, she creates works that are simultaneously deeply personal and universally resonant.

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Peeing in the Magic Forest
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Alice West
Peeing in the Magic Forest (2022)
A Visit from Emma
Unfair - Alice-west_‘a visit from emma’, 95x135cm, oil on canvas, 2023

Alice West
A Visit from Emma (2023)
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Alice West (1996) is a visual artist currently based in The Hague. Born in Dubai, West spent her childhood between England, Dubai, and New Zealand. In 2021, West obtained a BA in Fine Arts from KABK. Her work has been exhibited at Eye filmmuseum, Art Rotterdam 2022 and Galerie Ron Mandos.

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