The Unfair Amsterdam Foundation

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With high-quality cultural productions, Unfair aims to create new and direct connections between the public, art and artists, outside the beaten tracks.

Through our sub-goals we aim for;


  • The visibility and development of contemporary visual art.
  • A sustainable sector in which the artist is central to cultural value chains.
  • An accessible sector for the public, buyers and artists.
  • Talent development of (young) makers.


The Unfair Amsterdam Foundation is a non-profit foundation with a honorary board. It implements the Fair Practice Code, keeping in mind the Governance Code Cultuur, Code Culturele Diversiteit and the Gallery Fair Practice Code.

Company Details

Directors & Founders
Peter van der Es
Adam Nillissen

Design & Partner
Bas Koopmans

Head of PR & Marketing
Rosalie Peeperkorn

Head of Unfair23
Sanne Talmon

Programme worker
Celeste Ravaglia

Board Members
Chairman- Judith van Kranendonk
Secretary – Susan Gloudemans
Treasurer – Tati Vereecken-Suwarganda
Member – Iriée Zamblé

Committee of Recommendation
Hester Alberdingk Thijm
Ann Demeester
Jop Ubbens
Fons Welters

More on the Gallery Fair Practice Code

  • Unfair records the relationship between Unfair and the artist in writing, including agreements about the duration of the agreement, prices and any discounts, if applicable.. Other possible topics to record in this document are: monitoring and evaluation of the agreements, targets of both parties (for example in terms of visibility abroad), the relationship with a second gallery, agreements about the settlement of possible discounts, about assignments from third parties, or the settlement of other costs such as transport, photography, insurance or installation of an exhibition.
  • The artist remains the owner of his work until full payment has been made to Unfair, with the exception of secondary trade. This also applies in the event of bankruptcy and/or seizure of Unfair.
  • Unfair will pay the artist the full artist’s share of the sales price agreed with the customer within 60 days after the sale of his work, provided with the name and address details of the buyer, and a copy of the invoice.
  • Unsold works of art in the management of Unfair must be returned to the artist at any time and within one month if he so requests.
  • The relationship between Unfair and galleries may be one of competition, but must be loyal in all respects to the interests of the artist involved, in the event that different galleries represent the same artist. In the event that a gallery works exclusively with an artist, therefore functions as a ‘mother gallery’ for this artist, and another gallery wants to organize an exhibition with this artist, the parties involved must make written agreements about the conditions under which an exhibition can be held.
  • Unfair is expected to be expert and professional and to maintain this expertise and professional competence.
  • Unfair guarantees the authenticity of the work it sells. In the event that it is determined that a work is not genuine in the opinion of a recognized independent party, the gallery owner will take back the work and refund the amount paid by the customer.
  • Unfair states the objectives, programme, working methods and artist base on the website.
  • Unfair is expected to follow the Fair Practice code ( in its actions, which, among other things, provides a guarantee against inappropriate behavior within the gallery or outside it.

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