Asili’s works depict a world that is both familiar and astonishing, blending elements of humor and autobiographical. His main sources of inspiration are a mix of personal experiences, comic art, pop culture, and traditional symbols. These elements come together in surreal atmospheres stuck between angst and farce.
The artist absorbs the constant stream of information that bombards our contemporary society; the selected fragments, combined with his personal experiences, offer a glimpse of the artist’s experience of the world.

Over the years, Asili’s work has evolved from drawing, to include 3D animation and 3D printing, while always maintaining its distinctive style.

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Uno Splendido Trentenne
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Andrea Asili
Uno Splendido Trentenne (2021)
Compounding 1.01
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Andrea Asili
Compounding 1.01 (2023)
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Andrea Asili
Plaa (2021)
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Artist Portrait

Andrea Asili (1989) is an Italian artist currently based in the Netherlands. In 2020, he obtained a BA in Fine Arts from the HKU in Utrecht. His work was shown at Collectie de Groen, Arnhem, De Nijverheid, Utrecht, and Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam. In 2020, he was awarded the Dooyewaard Stipendium.


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