Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé

Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé describes herself as a visual artist rooted in the medium of photography. Her body of work stems from a unique perspective, which she defines as “the angel-rose coloured glasses”. Her work explores various mediums including installations, photos, mainly self-portraits, ready-made sculptural work and works with archives. By combining activism, satire, Camp, and pop culture, the artist reflects on marginalization within the white, Western society.

Oedit Doebé’s latest artistic chapter, if you are from europe, why are you brown? draws inspiration from her travels in India, her exploration of Hindustani history in Suriname, and her personal experience as a Brown woman living in a Western country.

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Custom Made Couture
Unfair - Angel-rose.oeditdoebé_custom-made-couture_2021 -website

Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé
Custom Made Couture (2021)
Bitch I'm a Cow
Unfair - Angel-rose_oeditdoebé_bitch.i_m.a.cow.2022_byangel-rosetif copy

Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé
Bitch I'm a Cow (2022)
Excluded from Reparations
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Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé
Excluded from Reparations (2022)



We All Need Savings
Unfair - Angel-rose_oeditdoebé_we.all.need.savings_2022_byangel-rose-website

Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé
We All Need Savings (2022)
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Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé (1995) is a Dutch-Surinamese artist currently based in Amsterdam. In 2021 she obtained a BA in Fine Arts from HKU. Her works have been exhibited at SBK Kunstuitleen & Galerie, CBK Zuidoost, and the Dutch Design Week. In 2021 she was awarded the Keep An Eye Photography Stipend. Oedit Doebé is currently collaborating with the online platform TittyMag.

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