Anni Mertens primarily works with ceramics, wood, steel, and a healthy dose of humor. Her sculptural work embraces both abstraction and disfiguration, precision and looseness. Within her installations, Mertens incorporates movement and dynamics by twisting, stretching, and squeezing the objects on spatial constructions.

Her playful approach to materials, sizes and colors allows her to constantly expand her toolkit to create visually engaging sculptures. Some of her pieces are left unglazed, exposing the earthy tones and textures of clay, while others are covered in bright and vibrant glazes. Mertens seeks out unexpected placements and connections within the space, creating an ever-evolving scene; when grouped together, her individual sculptures form a theater of the absurd. 

Unfair - Anni_mertens_in_transit_2022

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Unfair - Anni_mertens_grounding_2023

Anni Mertens
Grounding (2023)
Unfair - Nor

Anni Mertens
Streetview (2021)
Unfair - Anni mertens, cocoon (2022)

Anni Mertens
Cocoon (2022)
Unfair - Rptnb

Anni Mertens (1995) is a Luxembourgish artist, currently residing and working in Rotterdam. In 2019 she graduated with honors from HKU with a BA in Fine Arts, and in 2022 she obtained a MA of Fine Arts from LUCA School of Arts. Her work has been exhibited at the Kunsthal Gent, Art Rotterdam, PAN Amsterdam and Kunstliefde among others. In 2023 she was nominated for the Prix d'Art Robert Schuman.

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