Anouk van Zwieten (1991) is a painter who considers the painting a "crime scene." Not literally, but as a place where traces come together, serving as a gathering point for encounters, collisions, and interventions. What she experiences in everyday life forms the basis of her work. These can be direct events or personal circumstances, as well as societal changes or ideas that she reads about that influence her.

Van Zwieten explores the tension between figuration and abstraction by transforming the things she observes around her into abstract forms through a series of manipulations. Beneath each layer lies another image, another painting. This is where the connection to the subconscious resides, which is invisible but present.

Unfair - Anouk_vanzwieten_exhibitionview2 all the best_2022_tegenboschvanvreden

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Unfair - Anouk van zwieten, cake

Anouk van Zwieten
Unfair - Anouk van zwieten, untitled, 2018

Anouk van Zwieten
Untitled (2018)
F. this
Unfair - Anouk_vanzwieten_f. this 2022_tegenboschvanvreden

Anouk van Zwieten
F. this (2022)

Exhibition at Tegenboschvanvreden

Happy Tears
Unfair - Anoukvanzwieten_happy tears 2022_tegenboschvanvredenhappy

Anouk van Zwieten
Happy Tears (2022)

Anouk van Zwieten– F. this (2022)

Plan B
Unfair - Anouk_vanzwieten_plan b 2022_tegenboschvanvreden

Anouk van Zwieten
Plan B (2022)

Exhibition at Tegenboschvanvreden

Unfair - Anouk_vanzwieten_jesper visser x
(Picture by Jesper Visser)

Anouk van Zwieten was born in Amsterdam (1991) and lives and works in Utrecht (NL). She was nominated for several awards and stipends, like the Royal Prize for Painting, the Buning Brongers Prize and the K.F Hein Stipend in 2020. Her work was exhibited at a.o. Art Rotterdam, (2021, NL); PADA studio’s, Barreiro (2021, PT); Centraal Museum, Utrecht (2020, NL); Whitehouse Gallery, Lovenjoel (2019, BE); De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam (2017, NL); Paleis op de Dam, Amsterdam (2017, NL); several group shows and solo exhibition (2022, NL) at tegenboschvanvreden. Her work is part of several private and corporate collections.

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