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This week we connected Arash Fakhim to Tomas Dirrix and Tomas to Arash. They answered each others questions about God and regrets.

Do you believe in things…? What are those things?

For 15 years I finish my showers with cold water. It is one superstitious thing I believe in to prevent myself from bad luck. Oh, one more: I set my alarm on prime numbers always.


Do you believe in God…?

I do believe yes, not in a God, but rather in supernatural powers. For example: to skip stones on the water for over 3 times.


What is the first thing you think of when opening your eyes (waking up)?

Since a few months thats my unborn son (or maybe it is still my phone..).

tomas art

Atelier Tomas Dirrix ‘Tower of Sinthian’ (2020)

What’s something you regret not having done?


To be honest I truly wish I’d done a better job at letting those that cross my path in a positive way come closer, or let my loved ones, who surround me know I care about them and that I love them. I think I could do a better job at that…. but I’m learning.

Who’s your idol?


I idolise whoever is a door opener instead of a door closer. There are too many people at the gates with keys but in my opinion they’re just guarding them. But for whom and what for? What does that resonate?

My message to those would be (partly quoting – T. Amaru Shakur): open up baby because after the first and second knock, “I’m picking the lock coming thru the door blasting”.

What webpage did you visit most this week?


I checked out Youtube more than usual these past 3 weeks, mostly to play two things on repeat, without paying too much attention on what would play next, while working in my studio and getting into a flow.

One of those was ‘A Life Lived’ – a documentary about Phillip Guston. I love the way he talks genuinely and with so much integrity about what he does.

The other one is rapper Lijpe –  These past weeks I grew into loving what he does. I could definitely say Lijpe is a Dutch contemporary poet, who’s giving voice to the unheard, giving insight into people that are excluded from the so called tolerant state of the Netherlands. Telling stories is one of the first forms of art. We’ve developed as human beings by sharing stories. We should try to listen to different narratives every now and then, because today’s narratives will shape tomorrow’s state. Sharing stories also is a way to connect and without connection we’re definitely going to be lost. That being said I just love his gritty flow, wordplay and the feelings he chooses to express.

I’ve had 3 tracks on repeat:


Arash Fakhim ‘6 Sofreh – Amuse Bouche’ (2020)

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