Our mission at Unfair is to create a caring and inter-generational community of artists. That is why we have launched the Artist Fund.

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The Artist Fund is a circular monetary fund that supports artists in the development of their presentation for Unfair. With the Artist Fund, we are proud to be the first and probably only art fair to pay participants to take part in our program. 

The idea is simple. Artists get an incentive to develop work for our fair from our fund. When this work is sold, artists can (voluntarily) donate a percentage of their sales to the fund. This pay-it-forward method encourages the creation of a support network between artists of all ages and disciplines, and paves the way for the next generation of creators. The donations from the artists are matched and supplemented by our main sponsor, Kees de Boekhouder. With them we are committed to nurture our community of artists and inspire the makers of tomorrow. 

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Kees de Boekhouder is a team of dedicated bookkeepers assisting small business owners in the Netherlands. From tax declaration to all your administration needs, Kees de Boekhouder ensures that every aspect of managing your business is taken care of. Kees de Boekhouder’s commitment to helping the creatives of today and tomorrow resonates with the philosophy behind Unfair. Kees de Boekhouder and Unfair both believe in the importance of providing creators with the necessary instruments to be in charge of the business side of their practice. This year, their generous contribution to the Artist Fund will give our artists the opportunity to invest in themselves and develop their works to their fullest potential; this in turn will increase their chance of selling their works during Unfair22.

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