Bas Oussoren presents humorous situations that reinterpret the banality of the everyday. In his works, the spectator is always late to the party: the story has already been told or the punchline has already been delivered. This way, Oussoren undermines the clear distinction between fiction and reality, dropping the spectator between the material residues of a fictional situation. The artist creates his own world, with internal logic and humour as building blocks. While the humour seems personal at first, it requires our collective understanding in order to be funny. The crucial part of his work takes place in the conversion from object to art: the ability to reinterpret those things that are so obvious that we do not even care to look at them, but that are so wonderful they need no transformation at all.

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Regalias scepter
Unfair - Regalias scepter (2019) ceramics and wood

Bas Oussoren
Regalias scepter (2019)
Bones to peaches
Unfair - Bones to peaches (2020) plaster and clay

Bas Oussoren
Bones to peaches (2020)
Geluk is als een koud bad op een warme zomerdag
Unfair - Olympus digital camera

Bas Oussoren
Geluk is als een koud bad op een warme zomerdag (2021)
Kaas en hesp
Unfair - Kaas en hesp (2020) pigmented silicone

Bas Oussoren
Kaas en hesp (2020)
Unfair - A-victory-nonetheless-2022-ceramics-1365x2048

Bas Oussoren (1993) ​​is an artist living and working in Utrecht. In 2020 he graduated from HKU, Utrecht. Recent group exhibitions include De Belofte 16 at Kunstliefde, Utrecht, and ALL-INN at Het HEM, Zaandam. In June 2022 his works will be exhibited in the show Lift-off at the Centraal Museum Utrecht.

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