Bin Koh’s work explores the blind spots of technological development under the current digital and social labour systems. Focusing on female labour, Koh questions the different gestures surrounding the production, reproduction, and repair of technological devices and their spectacle or banality in our daily lives. Through engagement with the materiality of these devices and their visual representations, these works look toward the ways in which the labour behind them is rendered invisible and inaudible.

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Wiping Shadows
Unfair - Binkoh - wiping shadows - 2022

Bin Koh
Wiping Shadows (2021)
Dividual Tensifier
Unfair - Binkoh - dividual tensifier - 2016

Bin Koh
Dividual Tensifier (2018)
Portrait I, Portrait II, Portrait III
Unfair - Binkoh - portrait - 2022

Bin Koh
Portrait I, Portrait II, Portrait III (2022)
A Promising Ignition
Unfair - Bin koh - a promising ignition/notations - 2022

Bin Koh
A Promising Ignition (2022)
Carefully Careless
Unfair - Bin koh - carefully careless - 2019

Bin Koh
Carefully Careless (2019)

Bin Koh (1990) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. She graduated in 2018 from the Sandberg Instituut with an MA in Fine Art and Design, and her work has been shown in galleries in Venice, Italy; Porto, Portugal and Seoul, South Korea. She has exhibited at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, and Framer Framed, Amsterdam.

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