Bodil Ouédraogo is a visual artist who adopts an interdisciplinary approach to fashion, incorporating elements of dance, cinema, photography, and sculpture into her work. Ouédraogo's art explores the connections found within the art of dressing up, delving into different cultural aspects that at first glance may seem far apart.

Her work aims to uncover connections between diverse styles in order to create something unfamiliar. She sees the self as a web of connections, in which different threads converge to create something unique, complex, and captivating.

Unfair - Bodil ouedraogo_porte la richesse at stedelijk museum amsterdam for amsterdam fashion week_2020_picture credit anne lakeman

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My Hair, a Border
Unfair - Bodil_ouedraogo_my hair, a border¬_2021_gert-jan van rooij

Bodil Ouédraogo
My Hair, a Border (2021)

(Picture by Gert-Jan van Rooij)

Port la Richesse
Unfair - Bodil_ouedraogo_port la richesse,2020_anne,lakeman

Bodil Ouédraogo
Port la Richesse (2020)

(Picture by Anne Lakeman)

To Blend, Together (Bodil Ouédraogo X Patta X AFW)
Unfair - Bodil ouedraogo_‘to blend, together'_2021_bodil ouédraogo x patta x afw

Bodil Ouédraogo
To Blend, Together (Bodil Ouédraogo X Patta X AFW) (2021)
Framed Intimacy, Foreword  
Unfair - Bodil ouedraogo_framed intimacy, foreword_2023_at das leben am haverkamp during rewire festival

Bodil Ouédraogo
Framed Intimacy, Foreword   (2023)

(at Das Leben Am Haverkamp during Rewire Festival)

Regard sur le présent
Unfair - Bodil ouedraogo_regard sur le présent_2019

Bodil Ouédraogo
Regard sur le présent (2019)
Unfair - Bodil_ouedraogo_portret_2022_selfie

Bodil Ouédraogo (1995) is a Dutch artist currently based in the Netherlands. In 2019, she obtained a BA in Fashion from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Her work has been exhibited at numerous institutions and events, including Het Nieuwe Instituut, Stedelijk Museum, Dutch Design Week, and Framer Framed. In 2021 she was awarded the Dutch Design Award in the Young Designer category and in 2022 she won the Stimuleringsprijs from the Amsterdam prijs voor de kunst. Ouédraogo was named one of the top fifty FD Talents 2023 by Het Financieele Dagblad.

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Press play to listen to the album that is currently playing in the studio of Bodil Ouédraogo.

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