Bonnie Ogilvie is a visual artist who utilizes Scottish Tartan as a means of communication. She employs Tartan as a base structure for each new portrait, infusing it with her distinctive visual language. Ogilvie translates her emotions, observations, and surroundings into a unique Tartan structure each time, using new colors, lines, and prints as a new tool of expression.

Her childhood diary texts are transformed into a typeface that appears throughout the Tartans, featuring handwritten poems and stories that can only be read by learning her code. This self-made language was born out of the necessity to establish a unique form of expression. Ultimately, the artist's Scottish background and personal connection to the Tartan structure finds its way back into the social fabric—each portrait representing a different person, group or place.

Unfair - Bonnie_ogilvie_group portrait.sophie,iriée,selina,tamarah,nicole,jeleesa _x_2022_giovanni salice x

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Unfair - Bonnie_ogilvie_nicole_x_2022_giovanni salice x

Bonnie Ogilvie
NICOLE (2022)

(Picture by Giovanni Salice)

Unfair - Bonnie_ogilvie_selfportrait_x_2022_giovanni salice x

Bonnie Ogilvie
Selfportrait (2022)

(Picture by Giovanni Salice)

Unfair - Bonnie_ogilvie_tom x 2022_giovanni salice x

Bonnie Ogilvie
TOM (2022)

(Picture by Giovanni Salice)

Unfair - Bonnie_ogilvie_studio het hem_2023_ gian schrouff x 1 (1)

Bonnie Ogilvie (1994) is a Dutch-born artist currently based in Amsterdam. In 2021, she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with a major in Fashion. Her work has been exhibited at prominent institutions, including KunstRAI, De Appel, Stedelijk Museum, Het Hem, and Van Gogh Museum, among others.


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