Our collection is a new way of thinking resulting in an inside-out public collection exhibiting artists all over the world.

We believe the life journey of a great work of art, from the studio of the proud maker to the home of a grateful and loving buyer can be more transparent, celebrating makers and buyers taking care of contemporary art. For this, we have set up the Unfair Collection; an innovative way to rethink the concept of public and private art collections. Our collection is decentralized, without geographical limits, and with a focus on the works and the artists. At Unfair, we don’t hoard, we distribute.


Unfair - Fundraiser19

Since 2014, a large amount of works have been sold at our events to private and corporate buyers living all around the world. These works are exhibited in private homes, offices and other locations. These works we call our collection. This means that our collection is in constant expansion and includes a wide array of different artistic expressions such as paintings, sculptures, photography, film, performance art, and more. In time, our collection will be indexed and accessible to the public, online.

At our events we bring together a curated selection of works we have featured and sold in past events, showcasing also their buyer. We invite you to dive into our ever growing collection, meet their makers and caretakers, and eventually get inspired to join their ranks by purchasing a work at Unfair. In the future we will launch our new online collection tool, in which all the works will be shown.

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