In his artistic pursuits, Daan Gielis (1988) delves into the emotional, communicative, and social frameworks that shape our world. These structures often incorporate contrasting elements, such as the interplay between happiness and sadness or the conflict between desire and authenticity. Despite these inner conflicts, they thrive and perpetuate a continuous emotional cycle, frequently leaving us in a state of uncertainty regarding our reality.
Daan embarked on the path of an artist to imbue specific themes with meaning, eventually extending this significance to the world at large. Drawing from his own experiences, he reflects on his feelings during his battle with illness, his involvement in the punk scene, and his artistic endeavors. As he sought the perfect balance in becoming the kind of artist he aspired to be, he grappled with addressing political issues while also considering commercial aspects. In doing so, he provides an alternative approach to engaging with the world.
Gielis's work chronicles the profound struggle. The quest for consistency—and perhaps even a way out of the contradictory world we inhabit—is no easy endeavor, as Gielis's work suggests. It reminds us that there are no simple solutions.

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Tintin's Jungle_XL_I
Unfair - Tintin's jungle_xl_i

Daan Gielis
Tintin's Jungle_XL_I (2021)
Unfair - (1)

Daan Gielis
BATHORY (2020)
Happy Marie
Unfair - Happy

Daan Gielis
Happy Marie (2021)
detail Kein Architekt wohnt in einem Wohnblock den er für die masse entwirft
Unfair - 2-4-1483x2048

Daan Gielis
detail Kein Architekt wohnt in einem Wohnblock den er für die masse entwirft (2015)
Unfair - 1-gielis
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Daan Gielis (1988-2023) was a multidisciplinary artist. He lived and worked in Antwerp, Belgium and graduated in 2013 form the AKV St. Joost, Breda. His work has been shown at numerous galleries like No Man’s art in Amsterdam, NEST in The Hague and Everyday gallery in Antwerp. He participated in both Unfair14 and Unfair16.

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