Combining cross-disciplinary knowledge and everyday banality, Daniele Formica develops temporary theories on the universe and its people. Through sculpture and performance, Daniele elaborates such theories and shares them with others.

At Unfair™ he presents a mise en scène of tragicomic situations and beyond reasonable comprehension. ‘Ulysses is spinning in God’s willed vortex a couple of kilometers from Gibraltar. He has crossed Hercules’ “Ne plus ultra”-the ancient world’s limit. I look up to the sky and wonder whether he’s stopped spinning. I look at my contemporaries, listen to the Bee Gees, and keep asking myself: how many steps have we left the caves behind?’

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Collapsed Table
Unfair - Daniele formica, collapsed table

Daniele Formica
Collapsed Table
Cave Painting
Unfair - Daniele formica, cave painting

Daniele Formica
Cave Painting
Laurel Branch #0
Unfair - Daniele formica, laurel branch #0

Daniele Formica
Laurel Branch #0
The Death Of The Death Of The Death Of BILL
Unfair - Daniele formica, the death of the death of the death of bill, 2019

Daniele Formica
The Death Of The Death Of The Death Of BILL (2019)
Food Tour
Unfair - Daniele formica, food tour, 2019

Daniele Formica
Food Tour (2019)

Daniele Formica (1996) was born in Perugia, Italy and currently lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2019. His work consists of installations and performances and has been shown at art spaces such as NEST and Gallery Paradne, both in The Hague and Omstand, Arnhem. In 2019 Formica won the KABK Fine Arts Bachelor prize.

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