David McLeod creates textural CGI illustration working with a vibrant colour palet exploration of texture and form. A few words by David on designing his piece ‘Together’: ‘I set out to create something that felt spontaneous and positive with the piece, combining forms of different characteristics with one another in ways that create a kind of visual dialogue between neighboring elements. I was also very interested in the process of translating a digital design into a physical piece of embroidery. Working in flat colour posed a nice challenge as my work usually relies on rendering with texture and shading. I wanted to see how the dimensionality and implied movement in this piece could be communicated in as minimalistic a way as possible.’

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David McLeod is a multi disciplinary illustrator and artist, born in a small coastal town in Australia. He studied Graphic Design and New Media at the University of Wollongong. Now based in New York where he has a studio and works his magic with textural CGI illustration, typography and 3D lettering for clients like Nike, Calvin Klein, Toyota and Wired.

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