Delphine Lejeune is a visual designer and material researcher working experimentally across 2D and 3D printed surfaces. Her curiosities lie within designed objects, and how they shape our social behaviours. Lejeune’s source material is often found and consists of digital images that she extrapolates into objects through layers of reformatting, outlining the boundaries between digital and physical representations.

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Blossoming Garden
Unfair - Visual 2 - blossoming garden

Delphine Lejeune
Blossoming Garden (2021)
Unfair - Visual 4 - kingsugarbush

Delphine Lejeune
Kingsugarbush (2021)
Queen of Heaven
Unfair - Visual 5 - queen of heaven

Delphine Lejeune
Queen of Heaven (2022)
Either Flower will Remain
Unfair - Visual 3 - either flowers will remain

Delphine Lejeune
Either Flower will Remain (2021)

Delphine Lejeune (1991) is a designer and material researcher based in Amsterdam. She holds a BA from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Lejeune has recently exhibited at SMAK, Ghent, the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, and the London Design Fair. Her work will be exhibited in the upcoming group exhibition The Invisibles, at the Museum of Applied Art and Design in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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