Dion Rosina's practice begins with extensive research into strange stories, mysteries, and unexplained phenomena that verge on the paranormal. He collects a wide range of related visuals, from ancient figures and patterns to jazz photography and celestial bodies, and creates a digital composition that captures the essence of the story. These images are then translated and subverted on the canvas, creating an even wilder narrative.

The artist employs traditional techniques, such as oil on canvas, and gives particular attention to light and stark contrasts; however, his works often contain deceiving clues and play with the viewer’s expectations. Rosina's artistic practice encourages reflection on the mysteries and mythologies that permeate our lives, and the ways in which we can subvert them to create new narratives.

Unfair - Dion_rosina_dion3_2023_jonathan de waart

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Murky water 
Unfair - Dion_rosina_murky water_2023_jonathan de waart

Dion Rosina
Murky water  (2023)

(Picture by Jonathan de Waart)

No time for looking back it's done
Unfair - No time for looking back it's done_2023

Dion Rosina
No time for looking back it's done (2023)
Unfair - 000009810009

Dion Rosina is a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. In 2013, he earned a degree in Graphic Design from Mediacollege Amsterdam, and in 2021, he obtained a BEd from the Amsterdam University of Arts, Breitner Academy. Rosina's work has been exhibited at Kunsthal Rotterdam, Art Rotterdam, Documenta Fifteen, Framer Framed, CBK Zuidoost, and more. In 2022, he was nominated for the Royal Award for Modern Painting.

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