Eilit Marom is a choreographer and visual artist. Her performances are driven by a pronounced clear action or interaction that brings performers and public in direct contact with their embodied natural knowledge. She uses distinct physical tasks like, letting go of something or leaning into each other, as a starting point for creation. She finds layers of poetic links between the bodily expression and universal experiences that speak of trust, liberation and sociability. With a background in dance she employs a collaborative approach to discipline, negotiating perspectives with embodiment as a central material.

Unfair - Eilitmarom_magicgarden

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Building Momentum
Unfair - Eilitmarom_building_momentum

Eilit Marom
Building Momentum (2022)
Unforbidden Pleasures
Unfair - Afc

Eilit Marom
Unforbidden Pleasures (2021)
Being Part of a Crowd
Unfair - Eilitmarom_being_part_of_a_crowd

Eilit Marom
Being Part of a Crowd (2022)
Singing Along
Unfair - Eilitmarom_singingalong

Eilit Marom
Singing Along (2022)
Too Come and See
Unfair - Eilitmarom_toocomeandsee

Eilit Marom
Too Come and See (2016)
Unfair - Adam nillissen & eilit marom - more than one - 2015 (2)

Eilit Marom (1986, Haifa) is a choreographer and visual artist based in both Israel and the Netherlands. With a BA in Dance from ArtEZ university of the arts Eilit developed an international career as a performer and maker. Her work has been presented in both dance and visual art contexts, in venues such as Helmhaus Museum, Haifa Theater, Supercell Brisbane and Korzo, The Hague. She is a recipient of the ‘Artist in Community’ grant from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and founder of ‘Karov Meod’ festival in downtown Haifa.

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