Elsemarijn Bruys strong curiosity for sensory perception translates into a hybrid artistic practice, oscillating between sculptures and architectural interventions, and strongly influenced by her background in fashion design and theater. One of the mediums most frequently employed by Bruys is air, viewed as an essential way to shape and grant freedom to her work. With it, rectangles become round, spaces are filled and occupied, objects breathe in and out, visitors are subtly flattened and perspectives become deformed. The introduction of air fills her objects with a performative quality, while the change in form it brings about is simultaneously at the core of her work. 

Unfair - Elsemarijnbruys_youtube_mirrormirrormirror_2020

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Artificial Landscapes
Unfair - Elsemarijnbruys_ artificial landscapes_2022_pimtop

Elsemarijn Bruys
Artificial Landscapes (2022)

(Picture by Pim Top)

Boris Acket Waaiwerk
Unfair - Elsemarijnbruys_boris acket_waaiwerk_2022

Elsemarijn Bruys
Boris Acket Waaiwerk (2022)
Puff 6
Unfair - Elsemarijnbruys_puff6_2021

Elsemarijn Bruys
Puff 6 (2021)
Unfair - Elsemarijnbruys_portret_2022_lisaschamle_2

Elsemarijn Bruys (1989) is a Dutch artist currently based in Rotterdam. In 2013, Bruys graduated from HKU with a BA in Fashion Design. Since then, her work has been shown at the Kunsthal KAdE, Art Rotterdam, Down the Rabbit Hole, Torrance Art Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, Patty Morgan, Amsterdam Dance Event, Art Amsterdam, Mister Motley, Opera Dagen Rotterdam, and Contour Gallery among others.

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