EMIRHAKIN is a performance artist whose practice is an embodied inquiry into identity politics. By challenging the bodily experience of artist and the audience, his long-durational pieces dismantle the predefined ways of observing and performing, consider the space beyond physicality as a negotiation, and resist the constructed idea of time through the modes of queer temporalities.

Unfair - Emirhakin_dutyfree_2021_tibordieters

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Who’s going to die, if I kill my self?
Unfair - 1.-emirhan-akin-whos-going-to-die-if-i-kill-my-self-performance-2020-hethem-amsterdam-documentation-from-sandberg-graduat-1375x2048

Who’s going to die, if I kill my self? (2020)
Find Each Other
Unfair - 5. emirhan akin, find each other performance 2021 hethem, amsterdam, photographer - sankrit oat

Find Each Other (2021)
Unfair - Emirhakin_dutyfree_2021_tibordieters2
Unfair - Untitled-1
Unfair - Untitled-2
Unfair - Untitled-3


(Picture by Tibor Dieters)

Unfair - Emirhakin_deliveren_2022_photographerunknown.jpg

Unfair - Emirhakin_by_carmengray_and_ai
EMIRHAKIN Portrait (Picture by Carmen Gray and AI)

EMIRHAKIN (1992) completed his MA in Design in Sandberg Instituut in 2020. His performances have taken place in Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), EYE Museum, Het Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), W139, De Appel, MACAO (Milano), and Q21 (Vienna) among others. In 2021 he was awarded the EYE Research LAB Award for Best Artwork.


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