Within her practice, Emmie Liebregts creates a space to reflect, react and put experiences into perspective. The artist uses sculptures and performances as means to convey the intangible, addressing recurring themes such as security, the private sphere, having a body, discomfort, and fluidity. Liebregts employs soft materials such as foam, textiles and carpet to create sculptures that resemble human bodies in terms of size, establishing an intimate and physical relationship with the sculptures. Through her practice, she provides a place for doubt, understanding and creation, where words are replaced by the tangible.

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The departed doubter
Unfair - New_the departed doubter_emmie-liebregts-2020

Emmie Liebregts
The departed doubter (2020)
This carpet is made for lying down
Unfair - Web–this carpet is made for lyin’ down_emmie-liebregts-2022 copy

Emmie Liebregts
This carpet is made for lying down (2022)
Yes, No and Maybe 
Unfair - Emmie_liebregts_yes no and maybe-detail_2022_emmie liebregts

Emmie Liebregts
Yes, No and Maybe  (2022)


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Emmie Liebregts (1996) is a Dutch artist currently based in Breda. In 2020, she received a BA in Fine Arts from St. Joost School of Art & Design. Since then, her work has been exhibited at various venues, including Galerie Bart, Kromhouthal, and Kunstpodium T, amongst others. In 2021 she was nominated for the Jan Naaijkensprijs.

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