Eugenie Boon is a multidisciplinary artist whose work reflects on her upbringing in Curacao and the island's historical relationship with the Netherlands. The artist explores the subtleties of daily life encounters, which often reveal aspects of duality. This duality manifests itself especially in themes such as religion, social constructs around gender, and colonialism. Her artistic practice combines storytelling and commentary, which are translated into performances, installations, paintings and sculptures. Boon's work questions cultural versus institutional structures in a shamanistic, playful, and poetic yet critical way, challenging the viewer to recognize themselves and perhaps question their own position.

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Bon Gacha
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Eugenie Boon
Bon Gacha (2023)
Romanticising the American Dream
Unfair - Web-eugenie_boon_romantisicing the american dream_2020

Eugenie Boon
Romanticising the American Dream (2020)
True colors at play
Unfair - Eugenie_boon_true colors at play_2021

Eugenie Boon
True colors at play (2021)
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Eugenie Boon

(copywright Kionn Yung)

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Eugenie Boon (1995) is an artist born in Curacao and currently based in Amsterdam. In 2020, she earned a BA in Fine Art from HKU. Boon's work has been exhibited at various institutions and events, including Art Rotterdam, Venice Biennale, NestRuimte, De School, and Het Hem, among others. Her work is part of various collections, such as the KPMG Kunstcollectie, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Schiedam Museum Kunstcollectie and others.

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