Fullscreen is a traveling, immersive and large-scale video installation showing work by carefully selected artists. The custom-made screens invite viewers to submerge themselves in the works. Adjusting to it’s surroundings, Fullscreen offers an all-encompassing video experience in the center of cities, exhibitions, clubs or festivals.



We always search for thrilling collaborations and inspiring locations for our video projections. This is what we have done so far.

At  Fullscreen Westpoort
Where  Westpoort, Amsterdam
Dimensions Various, largest 36 x 12 m
Artists   Nikki Hock, Inge Meijer & Janis Rafa


Three large scale mapped projections lightened Amsterdam Westpoort in a 2-day video program. In the midst of the concrete and glass facades of this strongly developing industrial area, we curated an immersive video art festival in the largest outdoor cinema of the city. Read more.

At   Unfair18
Where   WesterGasFabriek, Amsterdam
Dimensions   Custom screen of 14 x 3m
Artists   Adam Nillissen, Jeroen Cluckers, Kévin Bray, Max de Waard, May Heek, Mickey Yang, Puck Schot, Rogier van der Zwaag, The Rodina & Olya Oleinic


During daytime at our crowded art fair, this screen, ranging 14 by 3 meters, offered the audience the chance to recline and to lose oneself into the mesmerizing works. At night, Fullscreen transformed into an exhilarating club-setting for our party with Subbacultcha.

At   Karov Meod
Where   Haifa, Israël
Dimensions   Façade of 23 x 13 m
Artists   Adam Nillissen, Kévin Bray, Max de Waard & Olya Oleinic

On the occasion of Karov Meod, a performance festival, we made a video mapping on the facade of a downtown building in Haifa, Israël. With this stunning but radical intervention of the cityscape of Haifa, Karov Meod was at the center of attention.

At   Dansen op de Vulkaan
Where   The School, Amsterdam
Dimensions   Various
Artists   Puck Verkade, Joeri Woudstra, Kévin Bray & The Rodina


For the exhibition Dansen op de Vulkaan, a collaboration with De School, we built several large scale video-installations to show the videos of some very talented artists. Aside from being a lovely show, it provided for that extra something during clubbing in the early morning.

At   Culture Club
Where   The School, Amsterdam
Dimensions   Various
Artists  May Heek, Inge Meijer, Puck Shot, Adam Nillissen &  Max de Waard



At Culture Club, an evening full of culture in De School organized by We Are Public, we previewed Fullscreen. May Heek, Inge Meijer, Puck Shot, Adam Nillissen and Max de Waard showed their work on our prototype screen, that was already almost 10 meters long. It was a great succes,


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