Gegee Ayurzana

Gegee Ayurzana’s works revolve around gestural ways of painting on sculptural forms. Using brush movements as the subject itself, her work initially explores different surfaces and shapes, to question the conventional narratives around what makes a painting. Caught in between breaking away and staying on the wall, her works further poke at the painting’s ability to both associate and dissociate from the space it materially exists in. Inspired by the raw creative urge of cave painters, Ayurzana’s practice is driven by the idea of an artist’s role as a mediator or a tool (rather than the western idea of a genius creator) to explore the existence of a ‘cosmic creative force’, which operates beyond the creative limitations of an individual artist.

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Gegee Ayurzana
Medium Rare (2022)
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Gegee Ayurzana (1998) is a Mongolian artist based in Amsterdam. In 2021, she received a dual BA in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and Art History from Leiden University. Her work has been shown at the Limburg Biennale and Leiden University among others. Currently, Ayurzana is an artist-in-residence at De Ateliers.

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