Through his work, Gilleam Trapenberg reflects on the contradictions that are part of the social landscape in Curaçao, where the idea of a utopian paradise is diametrically opposed to the realities of post-colonialism and tourism. He explores stereotypes and tropes that have manifested themselves through social culture and the Western media.

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Renita & Steven
Unfair - Gt_2266_01 001

Gilleam Trapenberg
Renita & Steven (2020)
Unfair - Gt_2305_02 001

Gilleam Trapenberg
Jerry (2020)
Big Papi
Unfair - Gilleam trapenberg, big papi, 2017

Gilleam Trapenberg
Big Papi (2017)
Unfair - Gilleam trapenberg, untitled, 2019

Gilleam Trapenberg
Untitled (2019)
Unfair - Gilleam trapenberg, untitled, 2019

Gilleam Trapenberg
Untitled (2019)
Unfair - Gt_sxm_102019_ 002

Gilleam Trapenberg (1991) is an artist and photographer currently based in Amsterdam. Trapenberg moved to the Netherlands at the age of nineteen, and graduated from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague in 2017. He participated in multiple group exhibitions, such as In The Presence of Absence at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2020). In 2017 he published his first photo book Big Papi and in 2018 he was one of the nominees for the Foam Paul Huf Award. He’s the fourth recipient of the Florentine Riem Vis grant (2020). His first solo exhibition at Foam, Amsterdam opened in 2021.

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