Hajar Benjida’s work has a documentary and intimate approach, from photographing some of today’s biggest names in hip-hop to capturing the strip club scene in Atlanta. Her ongoing project, Atlanta Made Us Famous, highlights the women that play an important role in the Atlanta hip-hop scene. In 2018, Benjida befriended the female dancers working in the strip club Magic City in Atlanta, a place which proved to be a crucial launch pad for numerous rappers’ careers. Benjida documented their lives and attempted to understand some of the issues that are central to their existence, such as work, motherhood, ownership over their images, and the lack of agency over the narratives surrounding their bodies. With this series, Benjida hopes to show that their images “hold power and importance beyond hip-hop and its surrounding culture”.

Unfair - Hajar_benjida_charlene

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Barbi Billionz
Unfair - Hajar_benjida_barbi_billionz

Hajar Benjida
Barbi Billionz (2019)
Unfair - Hajar_benjida_charlene

Hajar Benjida
Charlene (2019)
Unfair - Xtc2

Hajar Benjida
XTC (2019)
Unfair - Hajar_benjida_cleo

Hajar Benjida
Cleo (2019)

Hajar Benjida (1995) is a Moroccan-Dutch photographer and visual artist. Benjida graduated from HKU, Utrecht in 2019 with a BA in Photography. Her debut exhibition was held at Scope Art Fair Miami 2018, with her project Young Thug as Paintings. Her work has been exhibited at Unseen, Amsterdam, and BASE Milano, Italy. She was the recipient of LensCulture ’s 2019 Emerging Talent Award, and of the 1854’s FastTrack Vol.2 in 2021.


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