Hugo Rocci finds inspiration in the ordinary objects and spaces of everyday life. In a world that values constant activity and avoids boredom, Rocci is fascinated by the concepts of waiting and being stuck. He sees these states as opportunities for imagination, thought, and fantasy. By embracing the idea of waiting, Rocci aims to give it another meaning and explore the rich possibilities that emerge from that space.

Rocci's artistic practice involves abstracting and reworking everyday objects and spaces to create new structures that are both enigmatic and familiar. Through his playful exploration of images, language, symbols, and social spaces, he looks into the connections and contradictions that exist between them. His work spans across various media, including colorful prints, painting, ceramics, and installation.

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Curved window reflection during sunset
Unfair - Hugo rocci, curved window reflection during sunset (2020)

Hugo Rocci
Curved window reflection during sunset (2020)
Back & Foot Rub
Unfair - Hugo rocci, back & foot rub, 2019

Hugo Rocci
Back & Foot Rub (2019)

102 x 76 cm

Unfair - Hugo rocci, bodega, 2019

Hugo Rocci
Bodega (2019)

102 x 76 cm

Unfair - Hugo rocci, cleaners, 2018

Hugo Rocci
Cleaners (2018)
De Notenshop
Unfair - Hugo_rocci_denotenshop_2022

Hugo Rocci
De Notenshop (2022)
Unfair - Hugo_rocci_portrait (1)

Hugo Rocci (1989) is a French artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and the École St. Joseph Les Maristes in Marseille. Rocci’s work has been exhibited both in The Netherlands and abroad in galleries like Galerie Ron Mandos in Amsterdam, NARS Foundation in New York, and Art Rotterdam among others. Rocci runs Terry Bleu, a printing studio, bookshop and artist books publisher based in Amsterdam.

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