Get to know our artists through exclusive short interviews. Conducted with them, by them.

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-woordmark

In our Unfair Game of Interview Roulette, two artists have been randomly paired together to answer each other’s questions about the specs and rambles of their artistic life & practice. We’ve asked all our artists to send us three questions they would like another artist to answer. Next, we randomly picked secret couples. Each couple answered each other’s questions, but the fun part is, they don’t know who’s questions they’re answering.

Read the selection of short yet revealing conversations here!

#24 Simon Keizer x Hagar Schuringa

Unfair Amsterdam - Simon Keizer Hagar Schuringa

Alice West & Ellen Yiu

Shertise Solano & Kaspar Dejong


Lonneke van de Palen & Ralf Kokke

Vera Gulikers & Daan Couzijn

Janine van Oene & Jaya Pelupessy

Lilian Kreutzberger & Abel Minnée

Afra Eisma & Vytautas Kumža

#15 Arash Fakhim & Tomas Dirrix

Valentina Gal & Iriée Zamblé

Puck Schot & Tim Hollander

Tim Hollander & Puck Schot

Tim Breukers & Inez de Brauw

Anouk van Zwieten & Hugo Rocci

Thomas Trum & Gilleam Trapenberg

Daniele Formica & Vibeke Mascini

Verena Blok & Thomas Kuijpers

Willem de Haan & Katrein Breukers

Rodell Warner & Koos Buster

Céline Manz & Nicola Arthen

Kim David Bots & Pernille Pedersen

Lennart de Neef & Raquel van Haver

Natalia Jordanova & Kateřina Konarovská

These interviews are part of an ongoing series of short interviews between Unfair artists, originally published through our mailings. You can subscribe to our mailing list through the button below:

All episodes:

Unfair Amsterdam - Simon Keizer Hagar Schuringa

#24 Simon Keizer & Hagar Schuringa

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader (1)

#23 Alice West & Ellen Yiu

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader (1)

#22 Shertise Solano & Kaspar Dejong

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader


Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader (2)

#20 – Lonneke van de Palen & Ralf Kokke

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader (1)

#19 – Daan Couzijn & Vera Gulikers

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader-janine&jaya

#18 – Janine van Oene & Jaya Pelupessy

Unfair Amsterdam - Header-lilian-abel

#17 – Lilian Kreutzberger & Abel Minnée

Unfair Amsterdam - Site_header

#16: Afra Eisma & Vytautas Kumža

Unfair Amsterdam - Arash & tomas

#15: Arash Fakhim & Tomas Dirrix

Unfair Amsterdam - Valentina & iriee

#14:  Iriée Zamblé & Valentina Gal

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader

#13: Puck Schot & Tim Hollander

Unfair Amsterdam - Siteheader-interviewroulette#12

#12: Babs Bleeker & Gilles de Brock

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader-#11

#11: Inez de Brauw & Tim Breukers

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroul-header-hugan

#10: Anouk van Zwieten & Hugo Rocci

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader-#09

#9: Thomas Trum & Gileam Trapenberg

Unfair Amsterdam - Interviewroulette-siteheader-#8

#8: Vibeke Mascini & Daniele Formica

Unfair Amsterdam - Interviewroulette-siteheader-#7

#7: Verena Blok & Thomas Kuijpers

Unfair Amsterdam - Interviewroulette-siteheader-#06

#6: Willem de Haan & Katrein Breukers

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader-#05

#5: Rodell Warner & Koos Buster

Unfair Amsterdam - Interviewroulette-siteheader-#04

#4: Céline Manz & Nicola Arthen

Unfair Amsterdam - Interviewroulette-siteheader-#02

#3: Kim David Bots & Pernille Pedersen

Unfair Amsterdam - Interviewroulette-siteheader-#02

#2: Lennart de Neef & Raquel van Haver

Unfair Amsterdam - Intervieuwroulette-siteheader-#1

#1: Natalia Jordanova & Katerina Konarovská

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