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This week we connected Shertise Solano to Kaspar Dejong and Kaspar to Shertise.

If you could decide to be a different artist tomorrow, what kind of artist would you be?

Shertise Solano portrait

I don’t think I would want to be a different artist than I am today. But if I would have to change my practice into something else I would probably become an archeologist, reading traces and investigating places, historical sites and from there on being able to find old and lost artifacts, seems like a really satisfying occupation.

Kaspar Dejong Portrait

Who is the person you trust the most during your process?

Shertise Solano portrait

My biggest trust and confidant is my girlfriend, she’s always there when I am facing a challenging decision. Besides that Ruben Raven became an important sparring partner. We’ve built a important relation over the past years and working towards our duo show in Antwerpen we have deeply accessed and shared each other’s practice and creative processes.

Kaspar Dejong Portrait

What kind of experience would you like to have at UNFAIR23 that would make you the happiest person at the fair?

Shertise Solano portrait

I am excited about the circular concept from Verter Studios for the lay out of the fair. Within that setting me and Ruben will create a duo presentation that shall play with the setting of an art fair and challenge new ways of displaying our work.

Kaspar Dejong Portrait
Unfair - Places without faces installation view at dmw gallery antwerp. 2023

Kaspar Dejong and Ruben Raven “Places Without Faces” Installation view at DMW gallery Antwerp. (2023)

If you’re in the studio and you’re not feeling it, how do you get back into the flow?

Kaspar Dejong Portrait

By listening to Julius Eastman – Stay on it. Stay on it became my mantra in the studio, and if that doesn’t work just leave the studio and wait till the body knows what the next step will be.

Shertise Solano portrait

What was your last “eureka” moment?

Kaspar Dejong Portrait
Unfair - Psychomagic-by-alejandro-jodorowsky–-brown-_-dickson-bookstore

This book, an interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Shertise Solano portrait

If you had an infinite budget and could purchase one work of art, what would you buy and why?

Kaspar Dejong Portrait

For me, to have an infinite budget would make buying art completely irrelevant. Instead, I would use the money to set up open studios and workshops for everyone, especially young people, who feel the need to create but never had the opportunity.

Shertise Solano portrait
Unfair - Intervieuwroulette-mailingcrop

Shertise Solano, studio detail. (2023)

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