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This week we connected Tom van Veen and Vincent de Boer. They answered each others questions about their studios and artwork.

During working on an artwork: do you thrive more on the ‘believe’ in that it’s going to surprise you when it’s done or on the freedom or pleasure of the ‘not knowing’ if it’s going to be something you’ll like at all?

Vincent de Boer

An artwork should always transcend itself and show you new corners towards your practice or source ideas/themes worth exploring. When this is not happening, you should write the message and leave the artwork. The artwork is to mesmerize and to create space for thought and open up boundaries, not to be confused with the clear language of text.

Tom van Veen

In the process of artmaking, is the act of making ‘superior’ the all other parts of the process, or do you feel like all secondary things related to artmaking somehow can be primary at some point as well?

Vincent de Boer

As a painter I work from the medium towards a contextual or layered source idea/approach. The message is the medium, bringing back the painterly view with a research on surface, strokes, and belief that when seen the work is seen in real life, it’s more likely to give an experience of delay inherent in painting (you can see and feel the time it took to create the image).

Tom van Veen

Today’s visual culture is exhaustingly present, do we -as artists- contribute to this?

Vincent de Boer

Within a trans-historical perspective I tend to bridge the gap between current and older stories to work towards the universal or archetypical.

Tom van Veen

Do you consider yourself a romantic artist?

Tom van Veen

Without romance life would be bleak. 

Vincent de Boer

The bigger the brush the better?

Tom van Veen

Of course not. Every brush can/should be there. A dangerous question though, I feel comfortable talking about brushes for several hours :) Precisely for this exhibition at Unfair, I looked for a great contrast in terms of brushes: my very largest together with 1 of the smallest, on a panel. I think the contrast in time is important there: 8 months of small strokes, versus a 40 second response.

Vincent de Boer

Will your presentation at UNFAIR23 build on a more intuitive or rational approach?

Tom van Veen

Don’t know, I think both go hand in hand, even if you wouldn’t want to. I had a plan, over six months back, that came as a “logical consequence” from other projects, quite intuitively. Over the past few months, the plan has completely transformed into something relating but new :) I then recreated the entire installation to the rational centimeter in the studio, in preparation for the exhibition.

Vincent de Boer
Unfair - Tom_vanveen_the shift_2021_with lucas atteveld wearing the pieces (1)

Tom van Veen The Shift (2021)

Unfair - Blackhole_2017

Vincent de Boer Blackhole (2017)

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