Isa van Lier is a multidisciplinary artist who makes paintings, ceramic sculptures and room-filling installations. She is interested in developing a universal language of form that can be understood through intuition, body and soul rather than concepts. She creates playgrounds, where the childlike curiosity of the viewer is being tickled to dive into a world of imagination. “My installations allow you to step in without thoughts in a world that is a combination of the abundance and fastness of a supermarket in 2021 and the ancient wisdom that lies within the Zen stone-gardens you can find in Japan.”

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Unfair - Isa van lier - ei-land - 2020

Isa van Lier
Ei-Land (2020)
Something in the Air
Unfair - Isa van lier - something in the air - 2019

Isa van Lier
Something in the Air (2019)
Kami Creatures
Unfair - Isa van lier - kami creature - 2020

Isa van Lier
Kami Creatures (2020)
Unfair - Isa van lier - kami creature - 2021

Isa van Lier (1996) is an artist currently based in The Hague. In 2020 she acquired a BA in Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague. In 2021 she was a nominee for the Piket Prize for Visual Arts. She has exhibited at Het HEM, Zaandam, Art Rotterdam and 3.00G gallery in Tokyo amongst others. In 2022 her work will be shown at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. She is currently an artist in residence at Sundaymorning@ekwc, Oisterwijk.

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