Isa van Lier is a multidisciplinary artist who makes paintings, ceramic sculptures and room-filling installations. She is interested in developing a universal language of form that can be understood through intuition, body and soul rather than concepts.
In her recent projects, the artist has turned her inner world outward, to create intimate and flowing spaces stimulating visitors’ childlike curiosity in a world of shape, color and animated objects. Inspired by Japanese culture and Shintoism, her works seem to come alive and let the experience of feeling, intuition and peace take over you.

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Unfair - Compost 2023

Isa van Lier
Compost (2023)
Pixie Tower
Unfair - Pixie tower, 2023

Isa van Lier
Pixie Tower (2023)
Steenman (Len Tempel)
Unfair - Steenman, len tempel, 2022 ( foto door isa van lier)

Isa van Lier
Steenman (Len Tempel) (2022)
Unfair - House 2023

Isa van Lier
House (2023)
We Trust You (Len Tempel)
Unfair - 'we trust you' in len tempel, 2022 (foto door isa van lier)
Unfair - We trust you, foto door tommy smits

Isa van Lier
We Trust You (Len Tempel) (2022)
Unfair - Portret 2024 isa van lier by iliana michali 2024

Isa van Lier (1996) is an artist based in the Netherlands. In 2020 she acquired a BA in Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague, and since then she has been an artist in residence at Het HEM. Her works have been shown in various locations, including the Kunsthal, Galerie Fleur & Wouter and a permanent work in Het HEM. In 2022, Van Lier took part in the internationally organized outdoor exhibition Paradys, where she created a temple in the shape of an egg. In 2022, she was an artist in residence at EKWC, Oisterwijk. In 2021 she was a nominee for the Piket Prize for Visual Arts.

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