Joep Truijen is fascinated by the relationship between people and new technologies. As an artist and designer, he is greatly inspired by the technology and new applications that have become part of our daily lives. His work dissects technology both physically and conceptually and then puts it back together in new forms and contexts. Truijen’s practice shifts smoothly between different disciplines: interactive installations, creative coding, game design, 3d animation, film and sculpture.

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Unfair - Hethem_winni

Joep Truijen
Own Skin
Unfair - Ownskin_web

Joep Truijen
Own Skin
Unfair - Bc_bodyparts

Joep Truijen is an artist based in The Hague, The Netherlands. In 2018 he obtained a HBO Bachelor from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. His work has been exhibited at the Design Museum, Den Bosch, the Rotterdam Artweek, and the Museum Van De Geest, Amsterdam.

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