Jonas Stappers and Justin Errami

Jonas Stappers and Justin Errami, current and former students of the MSc. Architecture at TU Delft, are interdisciplinary designers/artists with evolving interests in architecture/music/graphic design/fashion. In particular, they are interested in the complexities happening within the ‘/’. Their design frameworks are intended to spark dialogues that challenge normative design, and by introducing a sense of friction into their work, they aim to question the designer’s often-imposing role. They believe that their approach creates space for a diverse range of outcomes arising from designer-user collaboration.

Unfair - Ravespaces_approach-e1683814343849
Unfair - Justin & jonas 1

Justin Errami (1997) obtained a MSc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences from TU Delft in 2022. His graduation project, Rave Spaces, won first place in StudentenSTAALprijs in 2022. His stage design for Bnnyhunna has been showcased at OSCAM and Tolhuistuin Amsterdam.

Jonas Stappers (1996) graduated from TU Delft with a BA in Architecture in 2019. He is currently completing his MSc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences from TU Delft. He has worked in exhibition design since 2021.


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