Through the use of multiple disciplines, Joost Elschot reflects upon personal experiences and life situations, raising universal questions about life in a humorous way. Through a wide range of media from drawings to performances, video and music he reflects on life as an artist, one that is often subject to improvisation from a creative as well as economic perspective. By working with whatever is at hand material wise and in terms of perception Elschot is able to create candid and vivid works that are accessible on various levels in form and content.

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Mr. Menhir (lying)
Unfair Amsterdam - Joost elschot, mr. menhir (lying)

Joost Elschot
Mr. Menhir (lying)
Unfair Amsterdam - Joost elschot, crackbird

Joost Elschot
Unfair Amsterdam - Joost elschot, //?

Joost Elschot
Big Blur
Unfair Amsterdam - Joost elschot, big blur, 2018

Joost Elschot
Big Blur (2018)
Good Pizza, Bad Pizza
Unfair Amsterdam - Joost elschot, good pizza, bad pizza, 2016

Joost Elschot
Good Pizza, Bad Pizza (2016)

Joost Elschot (1985) is a Dutch artist who lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. Elschot graduated from HKU Utrecht and was chosen as the fourth stipend in the residency program of HKU in cooperation with Stichting Stokroos at Flutgraben e.V in Berlin. His works have been shown both in galleries and shows in the Netherlands and abroad like Art Rotterdam, Showhouse Jayjay in Antwerp and Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam.

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