Kaspar Dejong's work explores signs and symbols as essential elements of communication, following the semiotic tradition. By decontextualizing and dissecting everyday signals, Dejong questions their original meanings. His fascination lies in the human urge to leave a mark, observing how individuals interact and adapt in response to sensory inputs. Coming from a graffiti background, Dejong investigates these urban markings and incidents; his installations often incorporate found materials and natural elements, collected during his city wanderings. In his paintings, disrupted by colored dots, numbers, and letters, Dejong creates an abstract language through scratches and partially erased forms. Using spray paint, graphite, oil, and acrylic, he builds compositions starting with letters and numbers, resulting in an unfamiliar visual vocabulary that challenges viewers. 

Unfair - Web-kaspar dejong_gabber_2021

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Bronze casted capsule
Unfair - Kaspar_dejong_bronze casted capsule

Kaspar Dejong
Bronze casted capsule
Unfair - Kaspar_dejong_pod ii_2021

Kaspar Dejong
POD II (2021)
Unfair - Kaspar_dejong_portret in studio

Kaspar Dejong (1995) is a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. In 2017, Dejong graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. In 2021, he received an MA in Fine Arts from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Dejong's recent exhibitions include the Dutch Design Week, KunstRAI, Ballroom Gallery in Brussels, Art Rotterdam, and many others. In 2022, he was nominated for the Buning & Brongers prijs.

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