Working with installation, performance and text, Katerina Sidorova looks at multiple facets of mortality and necropolitics in her practice. The artist works with the absurdity of mankind’s existence through its relationships with death, non-human species, and the coping mechanisms of reasoning. Researching societal hierarchies, mythologies, staging and performativity as a political strategy, Sidorova is interested in how mortality resonates in humans on every level; from domestic environments and personal stories to state-to-population power dynamics. In her works, sculptural meets theatrical: large immersive environments serve as a platform for performative actions, curation and experiment, with imperfection as method.

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A window with a view
Unfair - 03-the-wall-2021-glass-img-gert-jan-van-rooij

Katerina Sidorova
A window with a view (2021)
A window with a view reversed
Unfair - Katerina_sidorova_a window with a view (reversed)_2022_katerina sidorova

Katerina Sidorova
A window with a view reversed (2022)
Strawberry jam  
Unfair - Katerina_sidorova_strawberry jam_2020_gj. van rooij

Katerina Sidorova
Strawberry jam   (2020)

(Picture by Gert Jan van Rooij)

The Wall
Unfair - 04 the wall 2021, glass, metal, epoxy, img gert jan van rooij

Katerina Sidorova
The Wall (2021)
The rebirth of prison
Unfair - Katerina_sidorova_the rebirth of prison_2022_katerina

Katerina Sidorova
The rebirth of prison (2022)
Unfair - Katerina_sidorova_erik kamaletdinov
(Picture by Erik Kamaletdinov)

Katerina Sidorova (1991) is a visual artist and a researcher based in The Hague, Netherlands. She has obtained a BFA from both the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University followed by a Master in Fine Arts at Glasgow School of Art and PhD at the Philosophy department of Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University. Recent group exhibitions include ‘Bottleneck’ at West, The Hague, ‘As a Pile of Ash’ at 16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow and ‘Gläserner Mensch’ at Dürst Britt and Mayhew, The Hague. Her latest publications are ‘Martyrdom Body State Manifesting Power’ (2020) and ‘The Game of Knives’ (2022).

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