Kexin Hao's artistic practice challenges the conventional boundaries between art and "non-art" spaces, exploring interdisciplinary and hybrid approaches that transcend disciplines such as design, performance, game, clubbing, and fitness. In her work, Kexin oscillates between intimate close-ups on personal stories and a broader zoom-out perspective on collective narratives. She engages with themes ranging from the weight of political history to the flashy aspects of modernity, often infused with elements of humor and sarcasm.

Unfair - Kexin_hao_total body workout_2021_helena roig_2

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Liminal Wild
Unfair - Evidence in motion #5;
Unfair - Evidence in motion #5;

Kexin Hao
Liminal Wild (2023)

Live performance

(Picture by Pieter Kers)

Future Dance Of Nostalgia
Unfair - Rewire festival.;

Kexin Hao
Future Dance Of Nostalgia (2022)

(Picture by Pieter Kers)

Pound It
Unfair - Web-kexin_hao_pound it_2022_lavinia xausa

Kexin Hao
Pound It (2022)

(Picture by Lavinia Xausa)

Total Body Workout
Unfair - Kexin_hao_total body workout_2021_helena roig

Kexin Hao
Total Body Workout (2021)

(Picture by Helena Roig)

Unfair - Kexin_hao_portrait_helena roig

Kexin Hao (1993) is a visual artist and designer originally from Beijing and currently based in The Hague. In 2021 she received her BA in Graphic Design from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Hao has shown her works at MAMA, V2_, Worm, and W139 amongst others. In 2021, Hao was awarded the GOGBOT Youngblood Award.

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