Among a host of other things, Kim David Bots is interested in the usage of language used in jokes, turns of phrase, colloquialisms, sayings, etc., as they often present themselves as direct, short, clear, used with an air of wisdom, while simultaneously being incredibly obscure or rooted in a past that has become completely nonsensical to us. With this comes an interest in fragmentary storytelling and the way in which stories can build over time. Another increasing interest of Bots is in the idea of there being different, ‘bastardized iterations’ of the same work. He could go on and on about it but this text had limits to its size, much to the frustration of the artist, or as he puts it: ‘I’m not good at being concise.’

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Unfair - Kim david bots

Kim David Bots

Unfair - Kim david bots

Kim David Bots

Unfair - Kim david bots

Kim David Bots

Mop Systems
Unfair - Kim david bots, installation view mop systems, 2018

Kim David Bots
Mop Systems (2018)

Installation view, Stroom, The Hague

Painting (Der Rausch)
Unfair - Kim david bots, painting as part of der rausch, 2019

Kim David Bots
Painting (Der Rausch) (2019)

At Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam

Kim David Bots (1988) is an Amsterdam born artist who lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands. He holds a bachelor’s degree (with honours) from HKU in Utrecht. His works have been shown in numerous national and international galleries and art spaces including Slow Culture Los Angeles, Assembly Point London, Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam and the Royal Palace Amsterdam. Bots has various nominations and prizes to his name of which the Pro Invest Grant by Stroom is most recent.

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