LI Yuchen’s work revolves around themes of migration, diaspora, memory and belonging. The artist investigates the historical-cultural-political contexts that shape the movements of both humans and the food we consume. By employing her own personal narrative, she questions the conventional understanding of identity and considers the experience of belonging while reconnecting with ancestral memory. In her works, the stories of people and food are intertwined: food holds a strong connection to cultural identities and ancestral memories, and plays a key role in ecological, economic and political transitions throughout history.

Through her installations, videos, and performances, she reflects on the dynamics of encountering "the other" and explores different ways of weaving relations with the world. Her work is not intended as a statement, but rather as a way to raise questions into collective conversations. 

Unfair - Yuchen_li_to be or not to be, a didactic dinner party_2021_video installation_photographer edie terpstra

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To Be Or Not to Be A Didactic Dinner Party
Unfair - Yuchen_li_to be or not to be, a didactic dinner party_2021_installation detail_photographer edie terpstra

LI Yuchen
To Be Or Not to Be A Didactic Dinner Party (2021)

Installation detail

(Picture by Edie Terpstra)

When Rembrandt Shops at TOKO
Unfair - Web-yuchen_li__when rembrandt shops at toko_2020_photograph series 2

LI Yuchen
When Rembrandt Shops at TOKO (2020)
Unfair - Yuchen_li_portrait

LI Yuchen (1991) is a Chinese-born artist currently living in Amsterdam. In 2021 she completed her studies in the Fine Arts program at ArtEz in Arnhem, building upon her prior academic background of a BA in Life Science from Xiamen University, in China. Her works have been shown in venues such as Stedelijk Museum, Theatre Rotterdam, Casco Art Institute, Zone2Source, and others. Her work is also part of the collection of the Arnhem Museum.

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