Lieve Hakkers artistic research explores the language of images. Taking obscurity as a starting point, her works transform into ambiguous, partly figurative paintings. Hakkers body of work explores themes such as timelessness, transformation and self-expression. While initially the artist abstained from painting figures, once she began making her own tempera paint, the figures found their way back into her work. Hakkers current practice focuses on capturing glimpses of  the people in her life, portraying them as moments in passing.

Unfair Amsterdam - Lieve_hakkers_installatie foto

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A Tripod and a Friend
Unfair Amsterdam - Web-lieve_hakkers_a tripod and a friend_2022 copy

Lieve Hakkers
A Tripod and a Friend (2022)
Bad guard dog
Unfair Amsterdam - Web-lieve_hakkers_bad guard dog_2022 copy

Lieve Hakkers
Bad guard dog (2022)
Unfair Amsterdam - Web-lieve_hakkers_bad guard dog_2022 copy

Lieve Hakkers (1996) is a Dutch artist currently residing in Amsterdam. She completed her BA at the ArtEZ University of Arts in Enschede in 2020. From 2020 to 2022, Hakkers participated in an artist residency at De Ateliers. Her work has been exhibited in various venues, including m.simons, W139, and Tetem, among others. She has been nominated for the Fine Art Collective Residency in London in both 2018 and 2019.


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