Lisette van Hoogenhuyze’s wall pieces and installations consist of multiple layers, patterns and colour arrangements inspired by different visual motifs that appear in leisure culture. Travelling frequently, the artist developed a particular interest in the way people behave at the beach. The beach is a place of fantasy, for slowing down, daydreaming, sweating and compulsively enjoying the moment. Interested in the way we are forced to exchange our chosen fashion and identity for a sort of ‘beach uniform’, the artist researches the changes in our behaviour and the way we see each other. Assimilating these universal patterns and visual language, van Hoogenhuyze takes you through different approaches on contemporary culture in a recognizable yet unfamiliar way.

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Unfair - Freddy_30x25cm_ceramics

Lisette van Hoogenhuyze
Freddy (2021)
Queen of swords
Unfair - Queen of swords

Lisette van Hoogenhuyze
Queen of swords (2022)
Seagulls sound the same everywhere
Unfair - Seagulls sound the same everywhere_1_het hem

Lisette van Hoogenhuyze
Seagulls sound the same everywhere (2021)
Fingers of my feet
Unfair - Fingers-of-my-feet-1536x2048

Lisette van Hoogenhuyze
Fingers of my feet (2022)

Lisette van Hoogenhuyze (1991) is an artist currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2019 she obtained a BA in Fine Arts from HKU, Utrecht. Her work has been exhibited at Het HEM, Zaandam, KunstRAI 2021, Amsterdam, and This Art Fair, Amsterdam. Her work is part of the KPMG Art collection and of private collections in the Netherlands, England, Italy and Slovakia.

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