Lola Safari is a multi-disciplinary artist known for her collage films, paintings, and three-dimensional works. Her artistic practice shifted from an activist stance to an intrinsic one when she first painted the image of a pickle on aluminum foil. From there, Safari started drawing inspiration from childhood sentiments, aiming to evoke feelings of warmth and innocence and to engage playfully with her subjects. Her work offers an escape from seriousness, reflecting on her upbringing, relationships, and observations of the world. Safari's art portrays the world through her captivating gaze, inviting viewers into a realm of beautiful distractions and nostalgic longings.

Unfair - Lola_safari_vliegje_2022_

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A lemon's a fruit
Unfair - Lola_safari_filmstill_alemonsafruit_2019_

Lola Safari
A lemon's a fruit (2019)
Unfair - Lola_safari_dolfijnetje_2019

Lola Safari
Dolfijnetje (2019)
The Beings
Unfair - Meneerdekikker_tac_thebeings_united_eindhoven_december2022

Lola Safari
The Beings (2022)
Unfair - Lola_safari_photographer_floormartens (1)

Lola Safari (1996) is a Dutch-born artist currently residing in Eindhoven. In 2019, Safari graduated from the Fine Arts program at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design. In 2021, she took part in an artist residency at Video Power. Her work has been showcased in events including Museumnacht Maastricht and Transport Artspace Maastricht, among others.

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