Lonneke van der Palen

Van der Palen is driven by the fascination for everyday scenes, rituals, objects and people. The artist responds to the existing space in which she photographs, resulting in a carefully placed composition in which shape, colour and light relate to each other. This leads to a sometimes visible, sometimes invisible shift of everyday life in which repeatable patterns predominate. In her recent project, The Slow Rush, she explores a world that has been abruptly turned upside down, the new reality during the confinement period. From ‘love starved man’ to ‘kids causing mayhem’, what behaviour and language can become our post Covid-19 reality?

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Lonneke van der Palen

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Lonneke van der Palen

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Lonneke van der Palen

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Lonneke van der Palen (1985) is a photographer currently living and working in Amsterdam. She graduated with a BA in Photography from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. In 2019, she was nominated for the Volkskrant Beeldende Kunst Prijs. Her work has been exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, Unseen Amsterdam, and others.

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