Lotte Wieringa explores dream-like, psychological, and spiritual landscapes through her captivating paintings and drawings. With an intuitive and tactile approach, she unveils narratives that deepen our tangible connection with our surroundings, guiding us towards an understanding of the world without appointing its separate elements.

Wieringa's artistic process seamlessly weaves together reinterpretations of traditional techniques with her own inventive methods. One of these is the "wild-mono" method, which enables her to apply ballpoint-pen-like scratches using ultramarine oil paint on unprimed canvas. This technique liberates the eye to traverse a non-linear perspective, brimming with thickly textured surfaces, intriguing oil stains, and ethereal watery patches. The result is a rousing visual rhythm inviting viewers to submerge in it.

Unfair - Lotte_wieringa_angelsegg7-140x180cm-2023-courtesyartist

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Angels Eggs 5
Unfair - Lotte_wieringa_angelsegg5-140x180cm-2023-courtesyartist

Lotte Wieringa
Angels Eggs 5 (2023)
Angels Eggs 6 
Unfair - Lotte_wieringa_angelsegg6-40x50cm-2023-courtesyartist

Lotte Wieringa
Angels Eggs 6 
Angels Eggs 7
Unfair - Lotte_wieringa_angelsegg7-140x180cm-2023-courtesyartist

Lotte Wieringa
Angels Eggs 7 (2023)
Unfair - Lotte_wieringa_portrait-by-eli_hooper-2023 (2)

Lotte Wieringa (1991) is a Dutch artist currently residing in Rotterdam. She obtained her BA in Design and Education from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2015. Since then, her work has been presented in events such as Art Rotterdam, NQ Gallery, Amsterdam Art Weekend, and KersGallery, among others. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 she was nominated for the Royal Award for Modern Painting.

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