Lou-Lou van Staaveren

Lou-Lou van Staaveren comes from a family of flower farmers and has always been drawn to plants and greenery. Over the past years, the garden has become the arena of her photography practice, serving as both the playground and laboratory. For van Staaveren, gardening and photography stand surprisingly close: both the gardener and photographer operate with similar control, observing on one hand and intervening on the other. Like a gardener shaping a landscape, she creates new realities through images, constructing paradises and utopias. The artist's work sparks a sense of eerie wonder, encouraging the viewer to question their anthropocentric position and the consequences of idealizing and controlling our natural environment.

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Unfair - Lou-lou_van staaveren_gd_2022

Lou-Lou van Staaveren
GD (2022)
Unfair - Lou-lou_van staaveren_hyacinth_2022

Lou-Lou van Staaveren
Hyacinth (2022)
Unfair - Lou-lou_van staaveren_terracotta_2021

Lou-Lou van Staaveren
Terracotta (2021)
Unfair - Lou-lou_van staaveren_portret_2022_lucca roelvink

Lou-Lou van Staaveren (1990) is a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. She studied Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and later received a degree in Photography from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2021. Van Staaveren is also the co-founder and editor of Pleasant Place, a publication about the art of gardening. Her work has been displayed in various venues such as Grey Space, Nest, and Billytown.

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